Our Mission & Vision

Wholesome Riches is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to support students’ physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in Camden’s schools.

Wholesome Riches works with students, families, school partners, and community leaders to identify needs in the community and build a system of support to meet those needs. Wholesome Riches then develops local strategic partnerships to address these needs with a special emphasis on emotional and spiritual support. 

Empowering Students to Love and Serve their community where they live.

Wholesome Riches aspires to equip and empower at-risk students to love and serve their community through consistent opportunities for hands-on community service, enriching life skills classes, employment opportunities, and relationship building that promote the emotional and spiritual well-being of students.

Our programming:

  • Empowers Students 
  • Builds Confidence
  • Develops Real Life Skills
  • Career readiness
  • Encourages excellent work ethic 
  • Promotes Character building
  • Teambuilding Activities
  • Decreases ACES

Empowering Students to Love and Serve their community where they live.

Lives are changed when we live life on purpose with a purpose!  It is our goal to help students discover their purpose as they focus on giving back to others.


Michele Pilla

Founder/Executive Director

Grace Morrow

Project Manager

Andrew Morrow

Media Specialist

Marc Bernstein

Board Member

Pastor Thomas Dawson, Jr.

Board Member

Tony Fortini

Board Member

Dr. Davida Coe-Brockington

Board Member

Kimberly Lawlor

Board Member

Pastor Matt Pilla

Chaplain Director